About me


Namaste my friends. I am so excited to welcome you here, to Embrace Marketing.

This website was designed with you in mind. Here I will explore marketing. What it means, how it can be applied and examples of when it’s worked (and hasn’t). Hopefully sharing my knowledge, so that you can apply it to your business (or life!). After all, aren’t we marketing our own personal brand everyday?

Marketing is a complex subject matter; it covers so much ground that there is literally no end to the strategies you can use to be successful and I want to help you get it right for your business.


I’m Lori, a marketing strategist with a passion for digital, design and data. I’m an analytical thinker and problem-solver by nature, fascinated with consumer behaviour and how it has changed since the introduction of digital platforms.

My specialty lies in understanding who an organisation’s primary and secondary consumers are and what makes them drawn to that organisation over a competitor. This enables the organisations that I work with to better service their customers, particularly online.

I am an ethical person, who believes in the power of gratitude. I inspire the organisations I work with to view every purchase and every customer with value. I also believe that we, as marketers, shoulder great responsibility in ensuring the organisations we represent know how to give back.

I am inspired by nature, acts of kindness and adventure. I believe hard work achieves goals and I thrive in an environment that provides me with the freedom to be creative and get things done.

I’m formerly from Sydney, but now reside in sunny Brisbane with my beautiful family.

The more serious stuff

I have a breadth of experience in this ever-changing landscape of marketing, having worked in both large organisations (including Thomson Reuters, Bentleys Accountants and, currently, Westpac) and small family businesses for over 12 years. I have worked (and lived) abroad, in both the UK and Canada and locally, in Sydney and Brisbane. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, with a minor in Graphic Design, completed with distinction at QUT in 2015. I also have a Certificate IV in Public Relations.